Listed below are some links to various reef related projects you can "Do-It-Yourself".  If you are at all handy (or think you are) there are lots of opportunities to build some very helpful add-ons for your system!  There are a lot of drawings of a variety of projects loaded here and a lot of work.  Please be kind and at least give credit to the source when sharing.

Note:  I have been receiving a LOT of e-mails with questions regarding many of the DIY projects listed below.  There have also been many requests to purchase several of the different units listed.  As a result of these request I am currently in the process of  setting up another website that will deal with the purchase of the DIY parts for most of these units plus the actual units.  These parts will be CNC cut from GP cell cast acrylic and are extremely accurate.  There are also a number of designs that are not listed on this page that will be available.   Stay tuned.....  1/28/03

Nilsen Reactor
(Kalkwasser Reactor)
Instructions and pictures that show how to build your own Kalkwasser Reactor using 4 1/2" clear acrylic tubing and PVC plumbing parts from the local hardware store and a RIO powerhead/pump.  The downside to this version of reactor is that the top cap is difficult to seal.  Cap requires a lot of teflon tape each time the reactor is opened to load with Kalk.
Kalkwasser Reactor
PVC style
PDF file
PDF (Adobe Acrobate) file with some drawings for the PVC version Kalkwasser Reactor listed above.  I still have more drawings and detail to include with this but will load in now anyway in case it can be of any help.
Kalkwasser Reactor
Flange Style
PDF file
PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file with drawings for a flange style Kalkwasser reactor.  This style of reactor is much easier to use for loading Kalk but a little tougher to build initial.  Slightly higher level of experience with acrylic.  This is the printable format for design drawings.  This version uses a Seltz L20 pump, another version is available that uses the Mag3 pump.  Same design, base layout changes slightly.
HOB Refugium/Skimmer
PDF file
PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file with drawings for a Hang On Back refugium with built in venturi skimmer.  Pump hangs in tank, pumps water through the skimmer which then flows through the refugium portion and overflows back into the tank.  Sized to fit an All Glass 24" PC strip light.
Drip System
RO Filters-RO Tank
Kalkwasser reactor and pump
Photos of the RO filtration and system, the RO holding tank, the Kalkwasser reactor hooked up and the dosing pump hooked up. 
GFI outlets
(Ground Fault Interrupt)
(not loaded yet)
I highly recommend installing GFI outlets (also know as GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt outlets) for any device that has contact with the water in you tank.  GFI's are intended to disconnect (interrupt) the power to any devices that shorts, surges or experiences a problem.  This simple add-on can help prevent electrocuting your livestock in the event of a problem.
55g Sump / Refugium Drawing and outline for creating an in sump refugium using a standard 55 gallon aquarium tank.   Adobe Illustrator version, early drawings.  There are a few variations in the final actual tank from the early concept but basically the same.
RO water tank
(not loaded yet)
Instructions and photos for creating a 4 1/2 gallon RO reservoir to be used for a dowsing pump and/or Kalkwasser reactor.
RO water tank
Acrylic version
(not loaded yet)
CAD drawings saved in PDF format for a RO/DI water reserve tank with float shut-off vlave.  This tank is designed to fit between the studs in a utility room or other framed wall to conserve space and make for easier mounting.  Simple design for those slightly more experienced with acrylic fabrication.
CPR SR6 Modifications 
(Modified venturi)
Modifications to the CPR SR6 protein skimmer venturi.  These modifications are courtesy of Agu Lukk.  Photos and webpage are JJ's as a joint venture with Agu (Reef Central).
IV Drip System
For those people that have access to used saline IV bags, these make great drip systems.  These systems can be used for dowsing Kalkwasser in small batches or drip acclimation when adding new livestock. (Don't use the same Kalk bag for livestock)
Custom Aquarium Hood By popular request, I have included this page.  This page includes the drawings and photos of the custom hood I build for my 90g All Glass tank.  The dimensions of the 90g and the 75g tank are the tame for the top, only the height changes so these plans will work for either size tank.  By changing the routed trim around the hood the style can be changed to fit other furniture styles.
Bubble Counter Step-by-step info on constructing an acrylic bubble counter for the calcium reactor listed below.
Calcium Reactor This page started out as a DIY workshop with a group of the TCMAS members.  I have since put a bunch of the information together for a Calcium Reactor page.  This page includes several versions of calcium reactors, PDF drawings, photos etc.  Two different versions of calcium reactor, one with dual 6" chamber, one with dual 4 1/4" chambers.
V-Block When working with tubing it is important to be able to hold the tubing in place while drilling or during  other steps in the production process.  This is best accomplished with a V-block.   Photo and info for cutting a V-block on a table saw.

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