DIY Calcium Reactor

This is the start of the DIY section for a dual chamber calcium reactor.  This reactor is rather large and uses 6" diameter clear acrylic tubing.  Great for larger tank systems but pretty large for fitting in the cabinet under most tanks.  I have completed the design and drawings for a dual 4 1/2" chamber version that is much more compact but haven't had time to convert everything for upload.  Also working on a smaller single chamber version of the calcium reactor.

calcium_reactor-02.jpg (35666 bytes)

This is a picture of the dual 6" chamber reactor after it has been in operation for six months.


The Parts List A table with the quantities, description, part number and estimated price for the components needed to create the calcium reactor.
Calcium Reactor PDF Drawings Adobe Acrobat PDF file with all the line drawings for the Dual 6" Chamber Calcium Reactor.  The drawings can be opened viewed and printed for reference.
Acrobat Reader Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.
Bubble Counter The DIY page for a CO2 bubble counter for the Calcium Reactor.  Some pressure gage sets have a bubble counter included so this is an option.  The design can also be modified for a wall mount version.
Calcium Reactor Construction details and photos (under construction)


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