This is contribution number 66 of the Christensen Research Institute, Madang, Papua New Guinea. A generous grant from the Christensen Fund gave us the impetus to begin this project, which we had been discussing for a decade. We also acknowledge with gratitude the Director and Board of Trustees of the Western Australian Museum for making the publication of this book possible.

Fellowships to both of us from the CRI contributed to this work. Grants to DGF from the U. S. National Science Foundation (DEB 76-82277), the U. S. National Academy of Sciences (Bache Fund grant 551), the National Geographic Society (grant 1741), the Cocos Foundation, and the California Academy of Sciences are gratefully acknowledged. Some support for the creation of the book was from NSF grant DEB95-21819 to DGF under the Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy. Susanne Hauswaldt helped in preparation of the electronic version.

Individuals too numerous to mention provided assistance to DGF in the field, museum, and laboratory. She is especially indebted to Jack T. Moyer (Tatsuo Tanaka Memorial Biological Station, Miyake-jima, Japan); Aprilani Soegiarto (formerly of Lembaga Oseanologi Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia) and his staff including M. Hutomo, Kassim Moosa, and the crew of the R.V. Samudera; Richard N. Mariscal (Florida State University); and John Mizeu and Jean Pierret (CRI). Professor B. Condé, Director of the Nancy Aquarium (Musée de Zoologie de l'Université de Nancy) kindly provided longevity data for captive Amphiprion.

We thank the capable staff of the Publications Department of the Western Australian Museum who greatly asisted us during the production stages: Greg Jackson, Ann Ousey, Desmond Doherty, Vince McInerney and Malcolm Parker. Susanne Hauswaldt helped prepare the text for electronic dissemination.

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