Listed below are the drawings and photos of the custom hood I build for my 90g All Glass Aquarium.  The dimensions of the 90g top are the same as a 75g,  18 1/2" x  48 1/2" outside of frame.  The style used is based on the design of several other pieces of my living room set that I also designed and built.  The shape of the routed moldings can be changed as desired to match other furniture styles.
This page is under construction like most of the projects but at least it has some information that should be of help until I add more detail.......

The Hood
hood_full-1.jpg (20453 bytes) aquarium_full-1.jpg (65864 bytes) aquarium_full-2.jpg (59829 bytes) hood_upper_corner1.jpg (30728 bytes)
hood_left_corner.jpg (24862 bytes)

The Drawings
front_view.gif (3266 bytes) top_view.gif (3582 bytes) Iso_view.gif (9585 bytes) left_end.gif (7090 bytes)

hood_drawing-3view.jpg (62223 bytes)

The Construction

NoteI originally hadn't planned on doing a full DIY page for this hood but by popular request for drawings and info I put this page together.  If I would have known there was actually interest in this hood I would have taken more photos during construction.
For this part of the assembly I have a stop dado routed on each end panel and a full groove routed in the top.  These dados and grooves receive the 1/2" thick back panel.  If you know the exact location of the fans and/or vents you want to install you can drill those holes before assembly.

hood-02.jpg (33007 bytes)

Note when gluing the ends to the top that the top extends 3/4" past the ends at the front and back.  The front overhand will match up with the front face frame and the rear overhand will match the top trim extending 3/4" past the side. (refer to the drawings for detail) hood-01.jpg (36093 bytes)
This helps show the front face piece attached to the end panel.  The front face piece will flush with the top to create the square corner when attaching the top trim piece.  The routed shape can be varied according to personal style. hood_upper_corner1.jpg (30728 bytes)

door_hinge.jpg (34004 bytes)

door_latch.jpg (31529 bytes)

latch1.jpg (31725 bytes)

latch2.jpg (23526 bytes)

hood_back1.jpg (42079 bytes)
hood_back2.jpg (42251 bytes)
fan_wire.jpg (22386 bytes)
inside_hood1.jpg (28389 bytes)
halide1.jpg (42469 bytes)
reflecter_mount.jpg (34608 bytes)

This page is still under construction like most of the projects but stay tuned, come on back and hopefully I'll have more added.  The projects and tanks come first, then writing about them!

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